3 Stars, Brouwerij Huyghe, Strong Ale

Delirium Nocturnum by Brouwerij Huyghe

I have always wanted to try this beer based on the name and packaging alone, yet somehow I had never picked one up. Who doesn’t want a psychedelic pink elephant on their beer label? Pours a dark ruby red.  Tons of long lasting carbonation, huge head. Subtle caramel / toffee notes. Beer is so carbonated it feels like it dissolves on the tongue. Raisin, dried fruit, fading to a dry pleasantly bitter after taste. Overall very similar to last nights Corsendonk Dubbel.

3.5 Stars

4 Stars, De Struise Brouwers, Quad

Pannepot – Old Fishermans Ale – 2014 by De Struise Brouwers

Pours a dark brown, tinge of red, small amount of beige head.  Smells of caramel, fig, dried fruit and a hint of booze.  Full flavor, strong malt backbone, again with the dried fruit, finishes spicy with a mellow alcohol flavor.  Incredibly smooth considering it comes in at a stout 10%.  A perfect beer for a stormy night (like tonight).  I think I have enough of these for a multiyear vertical… Stay tuned.

4 stars

5 Stars, Blonde, Brasserie d' Achouffe

La Chouffe by Brasserie D’ Achouffe

Wow, this is a what the Belgian’s call a blonde? If only all tasted so good. You are immediately greeted with a strong apricot and herbal aroma. The flavor is the same, but slightly bitter with very pleasant carbonation.  I want to take large gulps, which might not be such a good idea with an 8% beer.  I have got to admit I have always passed on the brewery with a gnome on the label, I wont judge (on that criteria) again.

5 stars.