Pale Ale

4 Stars, Brasserie D’Orval, Pale Ale

Orval by Brasserie D’Orval

Bottled on 3/5/14 best before 3/5/19. I mention this as it is unusually relevant to this beer. The beer starts life as a dry hopped Belgian pale ale but the long it ages the more the brettanomyces works its magic. Somehow this classic Trappist beer has escaped my drinking.

Pours a beautiful amber-orange with a large, long lasting, frothy off-white head. Classic Belgian sour aromas great the nose; fruity sour, cherry, apricot, vanilla with very subtle spiciness. Strong fruit punch upfront followed by pleasant sourness fading to a light bitterness, malt flavors and dry.

With this beer I would love to a vertical tasting with differently aged bottles.

4.5 Stars.