3 Stars, Brasserie La lie, Brune

L’ambrée du hameau by Brasserie La lie

Bright amber-brown appearance in the glass with loads of lasting, off-white, head. Caramel, toffee, light fruit and mild peppery spiciness on the nose. High carbonation leads to a smooth mouth feel. First impression is malty sweetness but followup tastes reveal plenty of tannic fruit and a spicy tingle on the tongue, finish is slightly bitter and nicely dry.

3.5 Stars.

3 Stars, Brune, Maredsous Abbey

Brune by Maredsous Abbaye

Appears dark reddish-brown with ample long lasting beige head. Smells of malt, caramel, faint alcohol warmth. Taste reveals fruit, bready malt, some bitterness but very smooth with the alcohol detected by the nose hidden on the tongue.  Nothing wrong but nothing stands out either.

3.5 Stars. 

2 Stars, Abbaye de Abdij van Leffe, Brune

Leffe – Brune by Abbaye de Abdij van Leffe

Pours a deep brown with a tinge of ruby red when held to the light.  Beige head, not a lot, but what there is has staying power clinging to the side of the glass. Inviting aroma of malt sweetness, dark fruit with a touch of herbal notes. The aroma gives way to roasted malt flavors, nutty, light bitterness, same as the blonde something oddly chemically in taste, grainy finish. I will say it is a fairly unique tasting Belgian but not for me.

2.5 Stars.