3 Stars

3 Stars, Brasserie La lie, Brune

L’ambrée du hameau by Brasserie La lie

Bright amber-brown appearance in the glass with loads of lasting, off-white, head. Caramel, toffee, light fruit and mild peppery spiciness on the nose. High carbonation leads to a smooth mouth feel. First impression is malty sweetness but followup tastes reveal plenty of tannic fruit and a spicy tingle on the tongue, finish is slightly bitter and nicely dry.

3.5 Stars.

3 Stars, Amber, Brasserie Du Buisson

Bush by Brasserie Du Buisson

Appropriately amber in color with a small amount of white head around the rim of the glass.  Fruit and malt on the nose with a mellow alcohol presence. Sharp fruit flavors and caramel followed by a long alcoholic finish. Definitely a sipping beer. Shares similarities with a brandy. Bottle states that it is “The strongest Belgian Beer” at 12% it is hefty but strongest?

3 Stars.

3 Stars, Brasserie Vanuxeem, Tripel

Queue de Charrue – Triple by Brasserie Vanuxeem

Pours golden straw with small amount of long lasting bright white head. A pleasant  spicy aroma greats the nose, additional floral notes and nice juicy orange. High carbonation makes the beer feel to dissolve in you mouth, well balanced, fruity and spicy with light sweet grains and light bitterness, finishes dry leaving a nice aftertaste. Overall nice but the body is a bit thin. Not a hint of the 9% ABV. 

3.5 Stars

3 Stars, Brassiere du Rochefort, Dubbel

Rochefort 6 by Brassiere du Rochefort

Pours a deep amber with a large tan head. Aroma is predominantly malty with fruit and subtle alcohol tones. Taste is strong of both fruit and malt, finishes slightly sweet and alcoholic. This is the oldest of Rochefort’s three beers and represents about 1% of their total output. Overall I would say this is a bit of a departure from your typical Trappist dubbel and that is not a bad thing at all.

3.5 Stars.

3 Stars, Dubbel, St. Bernardus

Prior 8 by St Bernardus

Pours murky brown with an off-white head. Aroma of toffee, malt, dark fruit. High carbonation, nicely balanced, slightly sweet, malty, dried fruit, some bitterness on the end. Overall a fine easy drinking beer, but to me, it is a thinner, less flavorful, version of Abt 12 and who wants that?

3.5 Stars.

3 Stars, Brouwerij Van Steenberge, Strong Ale

Brunette by Hopduvel

Pours a dark brownish red… or brunette if you prefer. Very large beige head… Label derived bad pun possibilities aside. The beer gives off strong caramel and malt sweetness aroma right there with Belgian yeast spiciness. Caramel is the dominant flavor with a fruit sweetness undertone. Some bitterness but not enough to balance out the sweetness of the beer.

3 Stars.

3 Stars, Brune, Maredsous Abbey

Brune by Maredsous Abbaye

Appears dark reddish-brown with ample long lasting beige head. Smells of malt, caramel, faint alcohol warmth. Taste reveals fruit, bready malt, some bitterness but very smooth with the alcohol detected by the nose hidden on the tongue.  Nothing wrong but nothing stands out either.

3.5 Stars. 

3 Stars, St. Bernardus

Pater 6 by St. Bernardus

Pours a dark reddish-brown with long lasting biscuit colored head. Yeasty, bready aroma. Loads of carbonation, slightly bitter, a bit thin and watery, toffee, raisin, bread. This beer definitely improves and becomes more flavorful as it warms with complex fruit flavors coming forward. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh and I love St. Bernadus’ other beers but this one just tastes like a watered down version of the much bigger and better 8 and 12. 

3 Stars.

3 Stars, Abbaye de Abdij van Leffe, Blonde

Leffe – Blonde by Abbaye de Abdij van Leffe

Pours a bright golden blond color with loads of rapidly dissipating frothy white head. Herbal (clove?) and banana notes; the aroma reminds me a bit of mead. Light bitterness, fairly sweet, odd bubble gum slightly chemical flavor, finishes malty. Despite the description an easy drinking beer. Does not stand out as having the Belgian character I would expect for the style. Not bad but not great either.

3 Stars.

3 Stars, Dubbel, Westmalle

Dubbel by Westmalle

Pours a clear bronze with a small amount of off-white head.  Amazing, full aroma, of malt, candi syrup, dark fruit.  I have to say I was headed down the typical path of Dubbel flavors, and so the taste begins, then Dr Pepper popped into my head and now that’s all I can taste. Somehow sweet flavors but finishes dry.  I would like to try another bottle just to confirm the Dr Pepper taste.

Not a huge Dr Pepper fan so 3 stars.

*Update 2/3/16* Had another bottle, velvety mouthfeel, still detecting Dr Pepper, though no where near the same level as before, some bitterness.

3 Stars, Brouwerij Huyghe, Strong Ale

Delirium Nocturnum by Brouwerij Huyghe

I have always wanted to try this beer based on the name and packaging alone, yet somehow I had never picked one up. Who doesn’t want a psychedelic pink elephant on their beer label? Pours a dark ruby red.  Tons of long lasting carbonation, huge head. Subtle caramel / toffee notes. Beer is so carbonated it feels like it dissolves on the tongue. Raisin, dried fruit, fading to a dry pleasantly bitter after taste. Overall very similar to last nights Corsendonk Dubbel.

3.5 Stars