5 Stars, Quad, Westvletern

12 by Westvletern

Well here she is, after the blond and the 8 you had to know what was coming next, the big one, Westvletern 12.

I have to say pour is pretty unimpressive, sure it looks great sitting there in the proper chalice glass, but I am having a hard time coming up with any fancy adjectives so I will just say it pours a clear brown with a decent amount of very long lasting cream colored head.

Aroma, alright now we are talking, rich malt,  caramel, fruit, raisin, alcohol, mild spicyness, no one aroma stands above the rest.

Rich malt and high carbonation explode on the tounge followed a host of complex flavors; everything in the aroma is still there with the addition of a small amount of sweetness and a long last pleasant bitter aftertaste. Smooth and incredibly well balanced.

This is a fantastic, big beer and my review does not do it justice. Best beer in the world? I do not know, it’s hard to call any one thing best. But I will say I have done blind taste testing with other Trappist 12s and Belgian quads and the Westvletern was the unanimous number one pick.

5 stars. World class.

4 Stars, Dubbel, Westvletern

8 by Westvletern

Pours a beautiful dark amber with a long lasting beige head that clings to the side of the glass. Subtle classic Trappist yeast aroma; raisin, fig, candi sugar, fruit, spice. First thing you notice when taking a sip is the creamy head, highly carbonated (but not overly so), followed by a burst of flavor similar to aroma but more pronounced. Fades into a alcoholic, slightly sweet and mildly bitter aftertaste. No one flavor or aroma dominates the rest. You are going to find the bottom of the glass too quickly.

4.5 Stars

4 Stars, Blonde, Westvletern

Blond by Westvletern

Pours a clear golden color, lots of visible carbonation, small bright white head that lasts and lasts. Aroma is of light malt, hop crispness. Taste is well balanced; fruit, again malt, wheat, yeasty and pleasant bitterness with a faint grainy finish. A great beer for sitting in the shade with a few friends on a hot day.

4 stars