3 Stars, Dubbel, Westmalle

Dubbel by Westmalle

Pours a clear bronze with a small amount of off-white head.  Amazing, full aroma, of malt, candi syrup, dark fruit.  I have to say I was headed down the typical path of Dubbel flavors, and so the taste begins, then Dr Pepper popped into my head and now that’s all I can taste. Somehow sweet flavors but finishes dry.  I would like to try another bottle just to confirm the Dr Pepper taste.

Not a huge Dr Pepper fan so 3 stars.

*Update 2/3/16* Had another bottle, velvety mouthfeel, still detecting Dr Pepper, though no where near the same level as before, some bitterness.

4 Stars, Tripel, Westmalle

Triple by Westmalle

Poured a hazy deep gold with slow developing, but long lasting, bright white head.  Smells of pit fruit, spiciness, some malt and faint hop character. Plenty of carbonation, full of flavor that lines right up with the aroma, finishes dry. Nothing gives away the 9.5% alcohol content.

Interesting tidbit about Westmalle they supply the yeast to their Trappist friends at Westvleteren and they both share the same bottles.

4 Stars.