Deca Services

4 Stars, Deca Services

Vleteren – Blond by Deca Services

Golden orange in appearance; lively carbonation but no appreciable head retention. Fantastic aroma of fresh fruit, oak and alcohol. Thick mouth feel, sweet and lightly bitter. Complex flavors of fruit, oak, subtle honey and vanilla with a large alcoholic punch. Not sure where a 12% oak aged blond fits as far as style but this is a big beer and a must try.

4 Stars.

4 Stars, Blonde, Deca Services

Antiek – Blonde Old Strong Ale by Deca Services

Another in my recent run of 8% Blonds, each by different brewers but all brewed at the same brewery, Deca Services.  So how does the brewery who brewed all brews own brew hold up?

First look shows a crystal clear blond with a small amount of long lasting bright white head.  Bitter hop aroma, apricot and classic spicy Belgian yeast character greet the nose.  Well balanced and smooth, flavors lining up with the aroma, not a trace of alcohol to be found.  Long lasting spicy aftertaste.  Very reminiscent of Trappist Blonds.

4 Stars.