Brasserie Du Buisson

4 Stars, Blonde, Brasserie Du Buisson

Cuvée Des Trolls by Brassiere Du Buisson

I believe the translation to be “Tank of Trolls”…

Pours a golden straw colored, light haze with a fizzy and rapidly disappearing white head. Full aroma; strong fruit and yeasty.  Taste is fruity, yeasty, malty, balanced well with some bitterness. The beer has a lager like lightness dispite the 7% abv (I had to check, it is a lager).  Refreshing, flavorful and easy drinking, what’s not to like?

4 Stars.

3 Stars, Amber, Brasserie Du Buisson

Bush by Brasserie Du Buisson

Appropriately amber in color with a small amount of white head around the rim of the glass.  Fruit and malt on the nose with a mellow alcohol presence. Sharp fruit flavors and caramel followed by a long alcoholic finish. Definitely a sipping beer. Shares similarities with a brandy. Bottle states that it is “The strongest Belgian Beer” at 12% it is hefty but strongest?

3 Stars.